Granular Products

Swazyme Granules

Bio - Organic Fertilizers

Scientifically Derived Natural Liquid Bio Fertilizer

Contents : Amino acids, Protein Hydrolysate, Plant origin extract (seaweed extract) with mineral elements in traces. Natural Bio-organic Fertilizer for vigorous & healthy plant growth. Swazyme is innovative biofertilizers. Its constituents are so chosen that it can be used during both vegetative & reproductive stages of the plant. It's application enhances the crop quality & yield. It makes the plant cell stronger, stimulates cell division, increase chlorophyl content & also increase number of flower & fruit of the plant. It's usage gives a healthy, attractive and quality produce which has a longer shelf life.

Swazyme Granules

Sea weed based Granules for overall growth

Potasil Granules

Potasil is mixture of herbal extracts acting as Potash and Silica absorbent in granular form. These herbal constituents improve soil structure and also prevents it from harmful chemicals. It stabilises organic carbon. Due to which number of white roots are increased as well as protected. Herbal Potash absorbent gives complete growth of plant and also improves sugar content, color and weight while herbal Silica absorbent makes plant strong. Leaves become thicker and hence resist the insect bites as well as fungus attack. Potasil thus gives complete growth as well as protection to plants and thus increases yield.
Contents: Ocimum Sanctum, Cynodon Dactylon, Bentonite Granules

Potasil Granules

- Potash & Silica Uptake from Soil for growth and protection

Nitrosil G20 Granules

Nitrosil G20 – is Specially formulated granular plant growth promoter and flowering stimulant & Plant guard Useful for crops such as Wheat ,Paddy , Cotton , Grapes, Banana , Spices , Oilseeds, Fruits & flowers etc. It contains Octadecadienoic Acid & Glycine. Which increases number of Tillers & bring vegetative growth. It also increase in number of Ear head / flowers. It brings about overall plant Growth with root development. It also contains 9,12,15 –Octadecatrinal - It is a phytochemical which forms appositional cell wall and hence resists epidermal penetration of various sucking pest as well as fungi .

It also exhibits Anti-oxidant property. Thus it acts as anti-microbial and antifungal.

Application -
1 st with basal dose with other fertilizer
2 nd dose – 30 days before flowering
3 rd dose – at the time of flowering.

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N-Grow Granules

Contents : Achyrathus Aspera ,Crotolaria & Bentonite Garnules

N-Grow Granules is unique Herbal formulation for Uptake of Nitrogen. It reduces the dosage of Nitrogenous fertilizer by absorbing Nitogen from atmosphere & from Soil th through leaves & roots respectively. This avoid formation of watery tissues & hence pest attack is reduced considerably. N-Grow helps in Improving Soil structure by keeping soil in good condition with less leaching & erosion.

Application :

1St Dose : Along with NPK fertilizer
2nd Dose: 25-30 days after 1st dose.
3rd Dose : As per requirement .