Swaroop Agro Launch New Products

Swadhan Water Soluble Fertilizers

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries Pvt Ltd has now entered the Water Soluble Fertilisers business by launching its Premier range of SOLVZ Water Soluble Fertilisers under SWADHAN brand.


KAIZEN - Chitine Energy - A Natural Fungicide
Kaizen is researched natural remedy for developing resistance to fungal diseases. It also acts as
natural growth promoter for complete & healthy plants.
Kaizen contains poliglusam which is the most important carbohydrate in the world.
It obtained from Chitin which is present in exoskeleton of crabs , lobster, shrimps.
Kaizen helps plant to defend agaisnt brown scabby scars, early & late blight and downy & powdery mildew.
Kaizen also incrases photosynthesis and enhance Plant Growth and also stimulates nutrients uptake
It is useful for All crops , vegetables, Horticulture & floriculture.