Spreaders, Sticking Agents & Wetting Agents


Special Grade Agriculture Wetting and Sticking Agent

Contents : Neutral salt of Sodium Benzene Sulphonate (SDBS) with special wetting & dispersing agents Specially formulated for covering large surface area. The efficiency of any agricultural spray can be highly enhanced by the use of a spreading/wetting agent with the spray. Presence of Swastik in spray helps its constituents to cover large surface area with such as effect that the expensive sprays are made to stick on the plant. Thus it can reduce the frequency of sprays to certain extent as the sprays do not simply get washed off. This property is mainly useful in rainy season.


Non Anionic Spreading, Penetrating & Dispersing Media For Agriculture sprays
Contents : Special blend of Non Anionic Surfactants, Emulsifiers Increase in effectiveness of agricultural sprays through penetration & spreading Spreadfast is specially formulated spreading, penetrating and dispersive media for use in agricultural sprays. Due to its faster spreading nature, the spray is uniformly spread over the plant surface. This action of fast spreading is due to the fact that the non anionic surfactants present in Spreadfast reduce the surface tension on the plant surface as a result the sprayed solution is prevented from making a droplet on the plant surface.

Striker - Silicon based non-ionic surfactant

It Increase Effectiveness Of Agriculture Sprays & also reduces it's Quantity.
Striker spreads rapidly on leaf surface providing wetting , sticking & rain fastness effect.
It spreads evenly on Leaf surface & easily absorbed by plants due to it's low Viscosity & molecular weight. Striker enhances efficacy of Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, PGRS & Foliar fertilizers.


The Herbal Insecticide Soap

Dosage - Fatty acid salts, Herbal Extracts, Inert Material I-Soap is a contact insect soap formulation that works by smothering and dehydrating insect. This disrupt the cell structure and permeability of their cell membrane and fungicide for the control of soft bodied insects like aphid, thrips, caterpillar, leafminer, mealybug, scale, mites, sprider, whitefly etc. I-Soap when used as a soil drench, can control root mealybugs. It also can prevent and control powdery mildew.

I-SoapInsecticidal Soap incorporated with herbal extracts to kill soft bodies insects and pests .