Auxiliary / Additive Products


For Reducing the Dosage of Glyphosate based Weedicides

Contents : A complex containing a well defined and proportionate ratio of Aluminium Silicates.
An unique ajuent for economical use of weedicides Weedplus is an unique product acting as an adjuent along with Glyphosate based weedicides. If effectively reduced the weedicide's dose to its half. This is possible because of its following unique physical properties.

1)Prevent the evaporation of weedicides due to sunlight
2)Helps cover large surface area and enhances penetration weedicide on crop surface.

Note - It can also be used with other liquid weedicides. use of spreader & penetrator like Spreadfast is also recommended.
Weedplus - for reducing Glyphosate based and other post emergent Weedicide dose by 50%


Contents : Acidifier & Solvent
Technology For Maximum Utilization of Agro Inputs
One of the major factors that influences pesticide performance is WATER Quality. AQUASAFE ensures the use of right quality of water through pH management.
The main parameter of water quality is Alkalinity. pH above 7.5 can reduce the efficacy of many pesticides by Alkaline Hydrolysis which breaks down the active ingredients of many pesticides.
AQUASAFE is a special buffering adjuvant which lowers the pH to 4 - 5 giving longer residual action of the pesticide. This also implies equally true to insecticides giving better initial knock down. AQUASAFE also neutralizes the hardness and decreases Electric Conductivity (EC) of spray water.
AQUASAFE is available with inbuilt Auto pH Indicators. Colour of spray water changes from colourless to light Yellow ( pH = 6) to light Pink ( pH = bet 3 to 5 ) .Use this spray waterfor foliar application on your crop. ( Please refer table)
Aquasafe-R Water pH controller to maximize the use of Agro inputs