Bacteria Consortium Manufactures India

We are one of the leading certified companies focused on trustworthy Bacteria Consortium Manufactures of all types of quality products with a goal to serve the best to our nation. Our company has immense expertise in elevating the agricultural field by producing the most marketable products like bio-fertilizers, natural fertilizers, plant-developing promoters & other nutrient-based products that are essential for the agro-industry. This technology substantially reduces the cultivation cost, along with the Synergistic Effects Of The Formulated Microbes can assist in sustainable vegetable production.

Bacteria Consortium Suppliers India

As the leading Bacteria Consortium Suppliers in the international market, our products are in great demand in African & Asian countries. Our Product increases crop production and yield, enhances soil condition, improves fertility, structure, creates favorable conditions for flourishing plant growth & development and considerably minimizes the usage of harsh chemical fertilizers and water.

Bacteria Consortium Exporter India

We employ different kinds of microorganisms utilized by using the latest technologies to enhance plant nutrition and the different mechanisms utilized by them to obtain premium and cost effective biofertilizers. As the leading Bacteria Consortium Exporters in the national and international markets we try to accomplish as global leaders in supplying our world class products. The bacteria consortium is a Carrier Based product which contains N fixing, P & Zn solubilizing and plant growth microbes as a single formulation.

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