Nitrogen Fixing Liquid Biofertilizer (N)

Cumulus is a biofertilizer contain Azospirillum bacteria which is used for nitrogen fixation, plant growth promoting substance production (IAA), plant health and drought tolerance.
Nitrogen is essential component of Proteins, Amino acids, Nucleic Acids and other cellular constituents. Azospirillum bacteria converts nitrogen into ammonium ions, fixes nitrogen on root surface which is taken by plants.

Benefits  :
  • Cumulus degrade organic matter, releasing fixed nitrogen for reuse by other organisms.
  • Cumulus associate nitrogen fixer, fixes atmospheric nitrogen on the root surface, which is taken up by the plants.
  • Cumulus helps to increase the plant size, fruit size.
  • Cumulus secretes growth hormones, which enhance root development, vegetative growth.
  • Cumulus helps plant grow healthy green foliage and stem.
  • Cumulus improves better crop yield 20-25%.

Instruction for use:
Soil application: Mix 1 litre of Cumulus with 100 kg of FYM and broadcast in the field and irrigate immediately. (Evening time is ideal for broadcasting).
Drip irrigation: Dilute 1 litre of cumulus in 100 litres of water and apply through drip irrigation.
Seed treatment: Mix 1 litre of cumulus with 1 acre recommended seeds.
Seedling treatment: Dilute 1 litre of Cumulus in 5 litres water, keep seedling roots in immersed for 30 minute and transfer to main field.