Potash Uptake Liquid


Potash Uptake Liquid
(Organic Soil Potash Absorbent)

Herbal Extracts Based Formulation

> POTASH UPTAKE Liquid makes availability of Potash to the plant which is abundantly present in soil.
This Potash is not absorbed by root as the Potash molecule is bigger in size comparatively to Nitrogen and Phosphorous.

> POTASH UPTAKE Liquid when sprayed on plant or drenched near roots, activates the roots in such a way that the distance between the cell walls increase and roots become turgid. Due to this big size Potash molecules are absorbed by the roots.
> Potash availability due to POTASH UPTAKE Liquid spray on leaves increase sugar contents taste, weight, colour and shelf life of fruit.

Increases shelf life of produce & It also improves disease resistance capacity of Plant.
> POTASH UPTAKE Liquid Increases size , luster,weight,colour & sugar contents in fruits.

Dosage :-1 ml per litre water.

Time of Application :-

> 1st spray: at flowering stage

> 2nd spray: at fruit setting stage/15-20 days after first spray

> 3rd spray: Sugar formation stage/20 days after second spray or As per Requirement

Available Packing: - 50 Ltr / 200 Ltr (HDPE Drum)