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Potassium mobilizing liquid biofertilizer (K)

Rush is a biofertilizer contains Frateuria aurantia bacteria which is produces organic acids and enzymes that help solubilize the fixed potassium into exchangeable form and make it assimilable by plants.
i.e. organic acid secretion contribute the changes of potassium mobility from the soil towards plant roots and then absorption through plants. Rate of non-exchangeable K release and its mechanism are controlled by nature and amount of clay minerals.

  • Rush effectively mobilize unavailable potassium ions and make it assumable by plants.
  • Rush natural potassium solubilization improves both plant and soil health and also aide in soil remediation.
  • Rush increase in the beneficial microbe population in soil improves soil health and soil fertility.
  • Rush improves the quality of fruits and grains.
  • Rush improve resistance of crops to insect pest and diseases.
  • Rush secrete growth hormone to increase crop productivity.
  • Rush improves better crop yield 20-25%.

Instruction for use:
 Soil application: Mix 1 litre of Rush with 100 kg of FYM and broadcast in the field and irrigate immediately. (Evening time is ideal for broadcasting).
Drip irrigation:
Dilute 1 litre of Rush in 100 litres of water and apply through drip irrigation.
Seed treatment:
Treat the 1 acre recommended seed with 1 litre of Rush.
Seedling treatment:
Dilute 1 litre of Rush in 5 litres water, keep seedling roots in immersed for 30 minutes and transfer to main field.